Project Description
This infrastructure provide Attribute base authorization for UI elements within WPF applications

  • 3 Levels of authorization - All, ReadOnly, Invisible.
  • Control on invisible behavior (Hidden, Collapse, Remove from visual tree)
  • Level control from self implementing interface (one method)
  • Level base on View model properties (or entire View model class)
  • Field level authorization.
  • Attach authorization to UI elements with behavior (useful for bound label to correlated TextBox etc...)
  • Control on ReadOnly template (ItemsTemplate in ListBox etc) with embedded Data Template or Resource base Template.

How to use
  1. reference the UIAuth.Common project (or dll).
  2. Implement IAuthLevelProvider class in your code.
  3. Assign to AuthBehavior.AuthProvider.
  4. Mark the View model class / properties with AuthSecurityName attribute with security name for this class/properties.
  5. In XAML add AuthBehavior to UI elements.
  6. Optional - for special ReadOnly template add template to Resources or embedded in behavior.

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